What Do You do if an Off-Leash Dog Approaches You while you are Walking a Dog?

Walking your beloved canine is considered as one of the most stressful experiences but this stress can be tackled easily by being more careful. No doubt, pet parents have to face different issues & hazards while walking a dog.  And when suddenly approached by an off-leash canine, it is completely normal to feel fear or anxiety. Well, when it comes to an off-leash dog, every situation is different because no two canines behave equally. In some cases, when canines approach off-leash, maybe they are simply curious or even interested in other canines. Ignoring them & calmly walking in the opposite direction will serve the best purpose.

However, there are few cases, although uncommon, where pet parents & their precious mates might be in danger. Here, I would like to share that a stressed, scared or nervous canine is surely the one who can cause serious street stubbornness while being out of control during an expected situation. Moreover, off-leash canine attacks usually occur when canine walkers come across stray canines or a canine that has pulled free of his owner’s leashes. Dog lovers should prepare themselves for this situation in order to prevent unforeseen harm.

Unfortunately, the majority of pet parents ignore leash laws. So, what pet parents should do when an off-leash canine approaches them while they are walking the canines? Here is a comprehensive list of hands-on tips that pet parents should consider in order to ensure a safe and sound off-leash encounter.

Pet parents should always take a few useful items with them for protection & try to understand the pooch’s body language. The recommended practice is to walk off in an opposite direction. However, if the fight is about to happen, use whatever is in easy reach in order to redirect the canine’s attention. In this way, pet parents will be having a little time to leave that area easily.

Furthermore, a Halt preventive spray is also important to give a stray pooch a strong reminder to maintain his/her distance. A loud whistle or air horn can also be used to surprise the approaching canine while drawing the attention of others for help. Once suddenly approached by an off-leash canine, the best practice is to remain silent & calm. If your canine senses that you are scared, he could show fearful behavior also or even go into a defense mode & start-off a fight. So, it is advised to stay calm & lead the situation.

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Best Tips for Handling an Approaching Dog:

  1. Keep yourself calm and try to show you are not anxious, because dogs can smell that.
  2. try to treat the dog with something which they might like, as a dog owner you should have something.
  3. try the dog repellent spray we spoke about, above.
  4. Try to have some physical barrier if possible.

Finally, take your time to note the surroundings if you have to make a prompt escape. Likewise, pay close attention to the advancing canine’s body language but always avoid eye contact as this could be taken as a hazard. In short, it is important to be well-prepared while walking a dog. Situations could change fast therefore, be very careful whenever an off-leash canine approaches you. Keep calm & try your best to distract an unleashed canine.

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