What is the Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog that has got Off Leash?

So, which method is considered as the least effective method of retrieving a canine that has got off-leash?  Well, always remember that running after the canine & yelling his/her name is surely the least recommended way of getting his/her back. Walking the canine daily is something that pet parents must look forward to ensure a memorable and strong bonding experience. Although canines are men’s most loyal friends however, they sometimes behave cheeky.

Dogs come in various breed types & while breeds are easy to handle as compared to others, still they have one personality trait in common i.e. creating great bounds with their owners. Coming back to the topic, I would like to say that leash is surely the best option. Always remember that if the canines get loose & go for another canine, it is extremely possible she/he would get badly hit by said canine. Therefore, it is important for pet parents to have dogs on the leash while going out for any kind of outdoor activity.

Because a leash is great for security reasons as well. However, just imagine what can be more bothersome when pet parents see their precious mates got unleashed & running here. Here are few least effective ways of getting back to an unleashed dog.

Chasing the Dog

No doubt, this is the most awful thing to get back to the dog. Canines always love to be rushed by. If pet parents start running after the canine, he/she can take it as a challenge & run ever fast. Canines will always outrun pet owners in a race as they have much better stamina along with size and body benefits.

Shouting & Screaming

If pet parents think of calling the canine by his/her name & start shouting and screaming, they are barking up a wrong tree. So, better not to scream or yell ever at the canine. Instead, trying calling the names in a very calm way so that the canines find it quite safe & stop running.

Punishing the Dog

Pet parents should never punish the canines whenever they come back to them. It is considered as a very bad practice so, never punish the dog. Instead, cuddle the dog & use positive reinforcement.

How to Handle Such Kind of Situation?

Due to being a responsible dog owner, it is important to be well-prepared to handle any kind of mishap. Pet parents should follow the below-given precautions:

  • Purchase a fine-quality dog leash and strap
  • Double-check each & everything in order to make sure that the leash is fixed properly.
  • Pet parents should twist the leash all around the wrist for getting a required grip while lowering the chances of leash slipping from hands
  • Finally, train the dog to get him/her well-associated with a leash
  • Treat him with good food for obedience

Experts always recommend giving rewards to appreciate good behaviors & as with different aspects of canine training, using positive reinforcement will always serve the best purpose. It is advised that pet parents should stay calm to handle the situation wisely.

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