Which Breed of Dog Does the US Secret Service Exclusively Use?

The purpose of the US secret service is to provide security to White House, the highest office & residence of the highly powerful person in the whole world, i.e. the US president. Since its 1st occupancy by John Adams as a president in 1800, an exclusive unit with the mandate to protect White House is surely the United States secret service. Well, as compared to what people see in the Hollywood movies where actors can easily gain complete access into the US white House, it accommodates the very powerful person. So, it is quite difficult to gain entry into this building.

The women and men directed to guard White House & the premiership go though some special kind of training. Besides the women and men, another worthy unit that always helps guard the building is known as the canine unit. No doubt, this unit helps to strengthen the security all around White House, & the unit has been offering the services since 1975. Moreover, just like the human workforce, canines are also provided with special training in order to teach them some exclusive skills that people cannot find in other canines working in the police force.

It is worth sharing that every canine breed cannot gets this chance & Belgian Malinois is the only canine breed exclusively used by the US secret service.  The majority of people think that German shepherd and Belgian Malinois are the same, which is logical as they belong to the same heritage. However, both are different in terms of weight, height, & features. One of the biggest reasons why Belgian Malinois is considered as the best service canine for the United States secret service, is that the breed is very hardworking & loyal while being active, thus bred only for service.

Moreover, despite the brutal nature, Belgian Malinois are easy to train; however the training will cost around $50,000-60,000 per canine to attain the essential skills. Even though this might look costly for canine training but it will give the best value for money. Belgian Malinois are intelligent, obedient, & catch up quickly. Malinois training starts right from the birth after being separated from the mothers in order to create a strong bond with their owners.  The Malinois breeding is only for service. They are good at tracking & detecting narcotics as their sense of smell is just amazing.  Additionally, the breed has precision tracking skills thus, making Belgian Malinois super rescue canines.

Furthermore, the training includes endangering the canines to biosensor stressing for stimulating the canine’s sensors & sound ranging for instance, motorcycle sounds, thunder gunfire, & sirens etc. The breed grows to be obedient and loyal. In service of president & country, the Belgian Malinois face dangers just like front line soldiers. Though they fight & suffer like front line soldiers, they are not cared & handled like soldiers. In the end, I would like to say that the job of a canine at the US secret service is not easy therefore, it is important to take some time & appreciate what a great job he is doing.

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