How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

Pet parents might have faced those awkward situations where their beloved dogs take forever to relieve themselves when outside. Undoubtedly, the situation can be extremely frustrating especially during the gloomy weather or even worse if pet parents are running late for important appointments or some prior engagements. Making the dogs poop fast can be a real challenge. Likewise, for some pet lovers, raising the canines demands a lot of patience and hard work especially if they are still in the phase of potty training.

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

While it is not uncommon for pooches to take much time before pooping however, it can be a sign of an underlying behavioral or health condition. For some canines, constipation can delay the popping process. The canines might be curious about their new surroundings as well to investigate the things before squatting. Well, it does not matter whatever the reason is, pet parents should have to be ready to speed up the pooping process.

In this guide, pet parents will be provided with few important tips & tricks on how to make a canine poop fast. Always remember to treat the pooch with the utmost love & care to avoid health issues. In short, the best thing is that there is always a way for pet parents to help their precious mates poop faster. Once pet parents have established that their canines are happy and healthy, they can easily start focusing on teaching or training the canines. If pet owners want their pets to poop fast, here are five effective ways to be considered:

Buy Canned Food

Feeding the dogs canned food items will surely help them with the constipation troubles. Likewise, canned dog foods are good at adding natural moisture directly to the pooch’s body thus, making digestion & excretion quite easy.

There are best foods for different dog breeds:

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Best Dog Foods for Hypothyroidism

Best Dog Food for Chihuahua

Best Dog Food for Allergies and Yeast Infection

Also try the following food:

Squirting Stimulation

This is another effective method to instantly relieve a badly constipated canine. It is recommended to squirt some water into the dog’s anus to stimulate his/her bowel movements. However, always ensure that the temperature and pressure level is not hurting the dog.

Food for Gastrointestinal Health

Now pet parents can promote a dog’s digestive health by simply feeding him gastrointestinal food items especially formulated for dogs. Not only will canines like the taste & flavor, they will love the way how comfortable their tummies feel.

Squeezing Method

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that before trying the squeezing method, pet parents should prepare themselves for one annoyed and unhappy canine. While canines may love to be patted, they will not allowed you to take feces out of the anal canal forcefully. However, health comes first. Pet parents simply have to put on the pair of neat disposable gloves. Now, use the fingertips to press the soft tissues firmly around the dog’s anus. Hold the tissues & forefinger & thumb around 1 1/2 “apart. Press inward, to stimulate the opening of rectum.

Use Canned Pumpkin

A great food item, as it is rich in water and fiber to encourage the canine to go. Do not feed the dog pumpkin puree or pie filling, due to added sugar. Pet parents can treat the canines to 1 tsp. of a canned pumpkin/10 pounds of their body weight. Apart from this olive oil and coconut oil will also work.

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