Dog Proof Trash Cans

Pets always give a never-ending feeling of companionship and joy by being your loyal friend in any kind of situation. When it comes to dogs, then I would like to say that dogs are very curious naturally. It simply does not even matter how young or old the canine is, they always try to explore their surroundings in the best way possible.

In other words, dogs are surely considered the most loyal pet but sometimes this loyalty can get complicated especially, when you have a pooch who loves to eat trash.

On the other hand, it is in pooch’s nature to be curious & this level of curiosity is not bound to pooch’s size or breed type. It simply means that there is a chance that pooch will also discover trash cans at some point.

Dog Proof Trash Cans

So, pet parents are reading this article, they either have a dog proof trash can or looking for a new one. Either way, dog owners should take few necessary steps in order to make trash less accessible & less appealing.

Furthermore, a dog proof trash can is now considered a necessary item in any household with dogs. A good trash can is designed to keep dogs out. Likewise, depending upon the trash can’s design, it can offer different layers of safety & while preventing unpleasant odors.

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No doubt, an unhealthy pet and a messy house are two major issues that everyone wants to avoid therefore, it is better to buy a dog proof trash can. Dog owners should invest in a trash can that is securely sealed. So, if you are trying to find a new one, this article will give you a detailed overview of the best-selling products available in the market.

Is Dog Proof Trash Can Worth Buying?

Keeping pooches out of the trashcan demands a lot of patience and efforts if pet parents have a very stubborn breed. It is a well-known fact that good training is surely the best and recommended way of preventing the pooch from getting directly into the trash can which could be further reinforced by using a tightly sealed trashcan. Also, we can find creative ways to store

dog food.

Furthermore, a premium-quality dog trash can that has a durable base in order to prevent tipping along with a sturdy lid will serve the best purpose to keep curious dogs & even kids from going through the trash. In short, a dog proof trash can is a highly recommended and worth buying house item.

What are the Advantages of Using a Best Dog Proof Trash Can?

Below are the some important reasons why dog owners need to consider buying the dog proof trash cans:

No Health Hazard to Canine

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that is a valid reason behind why it is named as trash can. Currently the market is overloaded with many different things that can be extremely harmful for pooches for instance, food remains including bones that may get badly stuck in the pooch’s throat.

 Moreover, rotten food items can make dog sick whereas other toxic objects like, dead batteries can also be very hazardous.

Food Aggression

Whenever dog owners notice that the pooch is eating something he/she found in the dog food container, they would try to take that item out of his/her mouth. But, if dog owners do that daily, this might indicate food aggression in the dogs.

Keep House Clean

Everyone loves pets however, the fact is pets sometimes create a lot mess in the home especially if they smell any item in the trash can. But due to availability of dog proof trash can, this problem has been resolved to a greater extent.

This type of trashcan can endure dog’s attacks & remain standing which can keep the home neat and clean.

Which is the Best Place for Keeping the Dog-Proof Trash Can?

Well, the most important thing to be considered is to make complete access to the trashcan a bit tricky for the pooches. The following suggestions will surely help pet parents to select the place:

  • Trashcan can be placed in the garage & in any other area that dogs cannot access
  • Under the kitchen counter, trashcan can also be kept behind the doors

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Knowing that pet parents need a dog proof trash can is one thing but, actually selecting and buying one that truly fits their immediate requirements is another. There are numerous great products available in the market to meet pet parent’s needs.

1. Simplehuman Trash CanSimplehuman⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. SONGMICS Trash canSONGMICS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. iTouchless Pet-Proof Trash caniTouchless⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. KaryHome TrashcanKaryHome⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5. Function Home Trash canFunction Home⭐⭐⭐⭐

And some of them have been especially designed to handle mischievous hungry puppies or even older dogs that simply won’t learn anything. This guide has reviewed some of the best and highly recommended models with respect to price and usability to help pet parents throughout their search process.

1. Simplehuman Trash Can -Pet Proof Garbage Cans

All those dog owners who are looking for the best they can have then, they should consider a buying Simplehuman trashcan. What a sleek and beautiful model that comes in 2 unique styles and 5 stunning colors.

It is important to share that a Simplehuman trash can should not be taken as a normal trash can, in fact it features a secure side lock in order to ensure that nothing spills out.

Furthermore, the design is very ergonomic & allows this garbage bin to fit perfectly into small areas in the kitchen. sections for recyclable trash and materials.

Simplehuman Trash Can

There are several reasons why the Simplehuman is a great value for money such as it has a huge capacity & comes for separate.

In short, now pet parents can complete their trash experience with this durable and strong product.

User Experience:
The majority of dog owners have recommended the Simplehuman trash can. They have commented that, made from hard wearing stainless steel, the Simplehuman trashcan can easily be placed in basements, kitchens, or anywhere that actually needs a workable method to keep pooches out of the trashcan. A pocket-friendly option with impressive features.

  • Space efficient
  • Made of durable materials
  • Built to last
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Innovative design
  • Lid area can collect dust & grime easily
  • It gathers nicks & dents easily

2. SONGMICS Trash Can-Best Dog Proof Trash Can

A great option for those who want to add a luxurious touch to their kitchens with a stainless steel trash can that is also pet-proof & more economical as compared to other models. In short, the SONGMICS 16-gallon trash can is certainly an ideal choice for dog owners.

Furthermore, this trashcan can cost around half what other famous trash cans do however, it still gives many of the same amazing features offered by high-end trashcans. There are even few additional features people will not find on other models.

The SONGMICS trashcan has 2 separate trash compartments with 2 independent food pedals and lids. The amazing double design of the trashcan will allow pet parents to store both recycling and regular garbage inside.

SONGMICS Trash can

The best thing is that the SONGMICS trashcan can fit perfectly into any environment ranging from postmodern to ultramodern or classic as well. The shape of this trash can is simple yet stylish. Also, its a metal trash can so it wouldn’t break easily.

User Experience:
According to the buyers, this is a nice looking trash can & it’s simply great to have trash & recycling simultaneously. There are inner compartments that are very easy to lift & remove thus, making the whole process of emptying the trash can hassle-free. The majority of the buyers are happy with the performance of SONGMICS trash can.

  • Dog-proof
  • User-friendly
  • Space saving design
  • Fit into tight areas easily
  • Looks great
  • Durability concerns
  • Compartments are small

3. iTouchless Pet-Proof Trash can-Pet Proof Trash Cans

This creatively designed trash can from iTouchless is perfect for keeping dogs out. The most noticeable feature of this trash can is that it can be matched up with any kind of décor while making the kitchen look stylish.

Apart from this, the model will serve the best purpose for pet parents who do not want to open & close the garbage bin with hands. It features a carbon odor filter in order to absorb & neutralize trash unpleasant odors for a fresh & clean smelling house. When it comes to battery life then,

iTouchless Pet-Proof Trash can

I would like to say that it is long enough to ensure that pet users do not have to replace them frequently. In short, it is a worth buying model which works quite well in a wide range of diverse human environments.

Well, the lid is a little weak however for homes with small canines, it will be highly effective in keeping the canines out of trash can.

User Experience:
The users have declared this trashcan a true blessing. According to them, it fits perfectly in the designated space & has surpassed their expectations in every way. Many buyers have said that an iTouchless trashcan is very attractive & fits a ton of garbage in an extremely discreet way.
  • Touchless entry
  • Odor blocking
  • 2 power sources
  • Hygienic & convenient option
  • Multipurpose pet lock
  • Lid quality is not upto the mark
  • Only recommended for apartments or small homes

4. KaryHome Trashcan-Dog Proof Kitchen Garbage Can

Before reviewing this product, it is important to mention that KaryHome is a no-frills trash can that is especially designed to be canine-proof.

Pet parents will not get a classy addition to their homes with this garbage can however, they can have some peace of mind. Moreover, no doubt KaryHome is an average looking product, as it is made of plastic along with plastic lid & classic shape.

But what actually makes this trashcan different from others is lid’s design which is capable of locking & sealing. The trashcan is available in 2 different sizes.

KaryHome Trashcan

According to the manufacturers, our small trash can will work great with reusable grocery bags while being suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dorm rooms, etc.

The KaryHome is made of premium-quality materials that pet parents will definitely love. This is a trashcan that people can easily hang up high. By doing so, they really do not have to worry about their four-legged friends getting into it.

User Experience:
According to the buyers, this trashcan is a must-have house accessory for those who love cooking while having pooches at home. This trashcan is super convenient to use & easy to clean. Few users have commented that the KaryHome trash can is very helpful when people are working around the kitchen & chopping things while trying to get things put away.

  • No frills
  • Space saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be hanged on walls
  • Give the best value for money
  • For some, lid might be a bit hard to close

5. Function Home Trash can-Chew Proof Garbage Can

This trashcan serves 2 important purposes i.e. it always beautifies the trash area due to being aesthetically pleasing & secondly, it keeps the big pooch out of trash when he plays outside by himself.

Furthermore, this product can easily be used as a trashcan because it is capable of being lined up. But there is a wide opening between the trashcan’s main body and the lid which could surely let out tempting smells to pooches.

Function Home Trash can

Made from MDF board, this amazing and easy to assemble product will leave people feeling too good about an important fact that they are being accountable toward the surroundings.

This is good for families who always spend a lot of time in outdoor settings. It is vital to mention that the Function Home trashcan is extremely durable, verified by a heavy lid.

User Experience:
Many pet parents have bought this trashcan and are happy with its performance. Buyers have commented that this trash can looks great in the kitchen & it is the only one product dogs cannot figure out how to actually get into. Some other dog owners have said that this trashcan is exactly what they wanted.
  • Good for recycling
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gives ease of use
  • Large capacity
  • Loud closing cover
  • Requires assembly

Buying Guide: Dog Proof Trash Cans

Pet parents should remember that their beloved pooches can face different health issues if they come in contact with the trash can to eat some favorable items & in case, they manage to eat leftovers or food items that’s gone rotten then, they might suffer from life-threatening health risks. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good-quality and durable dog proof trash can to avoid all the mess. This buying guide is going to share the useful information that will help readers during the whole process of selection and purchasing.

How to Select the Best Dog Proof Trash Can?

There are numerous dog proof trash can available out there therefore, it is difficult to choose the right one. However, the following factors can play a vital role to narrow down the choices.

 Best Dog Proof Trash Can


Pet parents always need something that their precious canines won’t damage easily by scratching or biting it. So, it is better to avoid plastic material & go with stainless steel.

Strong Lid

When it comes to lid, I would like to mention that a lid that cannot be toppled, tipped, & lifted open will serve the best purpose by preventing the canines from diving directly in.


No doubt, the size of the trashcan can play a crucial role in the decision making process. Usually, large trash cans are sturdy & can be used outside also. But pet parents should ensure that they are going to pick one which fits perfectly & comfortably inside the kitchen or any other place.

Bacteria/Odor Control

If the selected trashcan can keep unwanted smells locked inside than, it indicates that buyers have made a wise decision. A trash can that can control bacteria and odor is surely the best one. It can make for a very pleasant and healthy living environment in the kitchen as well.

Dog Proof Characteristics

If the canine can easily knock-over the garbage can then, people should ensure that its lid stays in order to prevent garbage or smells going everywhere. The lids of a few trash cans can be knocked off very easily by making them the bad options to consider. The standard and recommended dog proof trash can is surely one that features a foot pedal along with an infrared sensor.

How do Dog Owners know if they need to Dog Proof their Trashcans?

Well, the answer is quite simple, if they notice that their dogs are lurking all around the garbage bin while trying hard to knock it over & even going through the waste, pet parents can stop all this from happening & the recommended way is to dog proof the trashcans immediately.

How to Dog proof the Trash can?

Hopefully, the following tips will work for pet parents to dog proof their current trash cans:

  • In order to keep the garbage bin closed, try putting some weight on bin’s lid
  • Fix the garbage bin to the wall
  • It is better to empty the waste often
  • Try to change the location frequently


Overall, it can be said that dogs are simple yet curious creatures & they are always attracted to tempting smells. Kitchen trash cans are definitely the go-to exploration spots for these curious canines. Some canines have a habit of digging through the waste as this might be a fun time pass for them.

However, it is not pleasant for pet parents to come back and find waste all over the home, especially kitchen. One of the best and healthiest ways of preventing all this, is to get a dog proof trash can.  The above-shared reviews of the best dog proof trash can are good at keeping the dogs away from garbage by tightly sealing the lid.

These trashcans will keep the garbage locked up safe & sound by creating a healthy environment in the entire home.

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