Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Regularly brushing the canine’s fur is definitely an important task that every pet parent should consider & without any doubt, this factor matters a lot if the pet parent owns a Golden Retriever. The coat of Golden Retriever needs ongoing grooming due to certain reasons.

It is a well-known fact that few dog breeds have a need for a more frequent grooming routine as compared to others, & everyone’s most favourite & beloved breed, the Golden Retriever also comes under the category of those canines who need a good grooming regimen.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Moreover, for Golden Retrievers, regular grooming sessions can considerably affect their temperament, body build, & fur. Golden Retrievers are famous as much for their friendly, boundless passion as for their cuddly, thick manes.

Giving the Golden Retrievers systematic brushing is necessary in order to keep them healthy, neat, & tidy. So, the 1st and most important step before pet parents start brushing Golden Retrievers is to find the premium-quality dog brush. And, no doubt it won’t be that easy due to the availability of a number of options out there.

As mentioned earlier, the Golden Retrievers have flowing and beautiful fur that is also dense, thick, & easily tangles.

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And, that leaves an important question: What exactly the best brush for Golden Retriever is? Well, according to my knowledge, the best brush will be capable of keeping the Golden Retriever’s shiny hairs looking healthy & well maintained.

However, grooming is not a favorite and enjoyable activity for the dogs. It can be uncomfortable, awkward, & sometimes stressful as well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a wide range of tools readily available for combating these extremely different grooming issues. Continue reading the article to get your hands on one of the best products currently available in the market.

Breed’s Overview

Formerly raised as hunting canines, the Golden Retrievers are one of the most famous American’s canines around. Well, it is not difficult to conclude why this dog breed has the strong reputation of being gentle, friendly, & loyal, thus making these outgoing pups the best companion for every dog lover.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers are also smart and hard-working therefore, they are good at performing the search & rescue jobs and different competitive games including agility. This is a muscular and sturdy dog breed, well-known for the lustrous and dense golden coat.

Besides the breed’s golden shade, the hair of Golden Retriever’s can be straight or slightly wavy. I would like to share that usually, the Golden Retriever’s life expectancy could reach 11-12 years with an average weight of around 56-75 pounds. 

Do Golden Retrievers Really Shed a lot?

Well, the answer is yes, they do. It is worth sharing that Golden Retrievers do shed a lot especially the thick double furs all year around & twice a year, these canines shed heavily.

In order to reduce detaching, the grooming sessions of Golden Retrievers should consist of regular brushing many times a week, & daily during the times of heavy shedding. Bathing is not recommended unless the canine is badly soiled. The best thing is that, daily upkeep and care is relatively easy on the Golden Retrievers.

Once pet parents get them to the good spot, caring and grooming will just become a matter of regular care than solving issues with their coats.

Why do Pet Parents Have to Brush the Golden Retrievers?

Before knowing about the best brushes available in the market, it is necessary to understand why pet parents have to maintain a regular brushing routine? There are 3 main reasons behind this:

  • Brushing prevents & removes mats
  • Brushing helps pet parents have less loose coat all around the homes
  • Brushing will help get rid of debris and loose fur

Preventing & removing mats is surely the highly common reason behind brushing the Golden Retrievers. Mats are the clusters of tangled coats that can be quite painful & lead to different skin issues.

Moreover, in case they get very big, pet parents have to cut them out right away to avoid further discomfort. Well, always remember that proper and regular brushing can definitely prevent mats. The next major reason pet parents have to brush the precious canines is to get rid of all the loose fur & debris.

What are the Different Kinds of Brushes for Golden Retrievers?

Nowadays, the market is overloaded with a range of different brushes to cater to the grooming needs of Golden Retrievers. As this dog breed has a relatively long cat & also shed too much, having more than one option in the kit of canine gear will be extremely helpful.

The following types of brushes are currently available:

  • Slicker brushes
  • Bristle brushes
  • Pin brushes
  • Undercoat rakes
  • Combination brush
  • Deshedding tool
  • Steel comb

Some Important Tips & Tricks for Grooming the Golden Retrievers

Pet parents should know that grooming the Golden Retrievers is not as tough as it seems but that never means it is easy either. Pet owners might be intimidated by the Golden Retriever’s flowing, thick coat while thinking that it needs a lot of care and maintenance.

There are some other canines out there that demand less grooming however, in reality, this dog breed is comparatively easy to maintain once pet parents get used to the regular routine. The following tips can make grooming easier.

Brush Golden Retriever’s Coat Regularly

In order to keep the canine’s coat in good shape, it is suggested to brush him out once or even twice a week. Well, according to the vets & grooming experts, pet parents should start from the head while moving backward to ensure that they do not miss any part.

Ongoing brushing will help prevent mats and tangles & make every subsequent session easy. Pet parents should ensure that the Golden Retriever’s coat is completely dry before grooming. 

Remove Tangles and Mats Gently

If the Golden Retriever’s coat does get tangled and matted, do not worry as there are numerous easy ways of making things right. For Golden Retrievers with extremely challenging furs, it is always better to seek help from a skilled groomer.

Focus on Regular Baths

No doubt, it is another vital part of the Golden Retriever’s grooming. Regular baths will surely help remove all the debris and dirt while keeping the canine’s fur looking healthy & well-maintained.

Trim Nails

It is an accepted fact that grooming is incomplete without this important factor. Like all canines, the Golden Retriever’s nails should be trimmed regularly like after 4-5 weeks. Pet parents can do it at home with the help of a grinder or nail clipper or even they can take the pooches to the local groomer.

Do Not Forget the Teeth

And lastly, teeth are considered as one of the frequently ignored areas when it comes to canine grooming. For keeping the Golden Retriever’s teeth shiny and healthy, pet parents can use pet toothpaste and toothbrush or even canine dental wipes can be used.

Reviewed: Best Brushes for Golden Retriever 

While pet parents may have a habit of petting the Golden Retriever’s soft fur, they also might know how tough it is to keep the fur looking smooth and lustrous. Prospective buyers cannot select just any random brush while expecting it to get through the canine’s dense coat.

1.Hertzko Dog Grooming BrushHertzko⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. Shiny Pet Dog CombShiny⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Chirpy Pets Dog BrushChirpy Pets⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. AtEase Accents Dog BrushAtEase Accents⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5. HappyDogz Grooming BrushHappyDogz⭐⭐⭐⭐

In short, pet parents should consider buying a brush that is especially designed for tough mats & tangles. There is a wide range of dog brushes available in the marketplace that claim to be capable of handling the Golden Retriever’s challenging fur. I have narrowed down the available option to help buyers make an informed decision while picking one.

1. Hertzko Dog Grooming Brush-Best Pet Brush

For its easy to handle & clean mechanism and effectiveness, this product holds the 1st position as the highly recommended and best brush for Golden Retriever.

This amazing slicker dog brush has extra fine wire bristles to let people groom their precious Golden Retriever’ undercoat in order to remove loose hair and mats gently. Once the brush is full, pet parents have the option of operating its retractable feature by simply pressing the button to slide off extra hair with a single swipe.

It is worth mentioning that the Hertzko brush is extremely good at removing stubborn tangles, mats, dirt, debris, & dead hair from the dog’s coat & fur effortlessly and painlessly.

Hertzko Dog Grooming Brush

In short, this famous brush is considered both effective and gentle on the Golden Retriever’s coat & fur penetrating quite deep in order to reach his undercoat for removing all the problematic things. It is one of the best dog brush for shedding short hair.

No doubt, this is a great option for all those pet parents who are looking for a product that is both effective & pocket-friendly.

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this brush is surely a great investment due to being comfortable and non-slippery. Many pet parents have commented that Golden Retrievers truly enjoy the brush’s massaging quality. However, few buyers have said that in order to prevent rubbing the dog with the brush hard bristles, always rest assured to apply a little amount of pressure.

  • Works great on canines of all sizes & hair types
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, strong, and comfortable
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Give the best value for money
  • Retracting mechanism might break with the passage of time

2. Shiny Pet Dog Comb-Best Brush For Golden Retriever

This premium-quality canine comb will serve the best purpose when it comes to tackling the Golden Retriever’s tangles and mats in the most comfortable way.

The comb features fine teeth at its one side & wide teeth on the other side. I would like to say that it is an excellent option to groom long hair especially the golden’s neck & feathering on tails, ears, and legs where mats develop frequently.

 In other words, as compared to other dematting combs having sharp teeth, the Shiny pet dog comb has round teeth to break up tangles easily and effectively while removing loose hair, dirt, debris and dander.

Shiny Pet Dog Comb

Amazingly finished with the rubbery grip, this grooming comb is safer & easier to use than many other grooming tools.

The comb’s coating prevents unforeseen slippery accidents to keep users & pets safe. The Shiny pet dog comb is especially designed to massage the Golden’s coat gently, an-anti scratch teeth on the comb will naturally support the dog’s health by simply boosting the circulation. 

User Experience:

Many Golden Retriever owners have bought this comb and according to them, this product is a decent addition to a dog’s grooming kit. The size is also perfect which allows pet parents to get a smooth and comfortable grip to tackle large areas of hair in a go. Due to being highly durable, this comb is quite famous among Retriever’s owners.

  • Ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Round and gentle teeth
  • Help promote pet’s health
  • Come with free instructional guide
  • Vet recommended
  • Might not good for short haired dogs

3. Chirpy Pets Dog Brush-Best Dog Deshedding Brush

Another great and recommended product for pet parents who are on a tight budget.  While a bit small as compared to other grooming products, the Chirpy dog brush does an amazing job of detangling hair from Golden Retriever’s fur.

Moreover, this dog comb will last much longer to ensure effortless pet grooming, with around 100mm blades of stainless steel protected by the cover for user’s safety & the blade longevity, the product promises best precision.

It is worth sharing that Chirpy dog brush comes under the category of long-lasting and durable deshedding tools while being a must have Golden Retriever’s hair remover. The most noticeable feature is that, this product removes around 90% of shedding coats from Golden Retriever’s within few minutes.

Chirpy Pets Dog Brush

Pet parents simply have to comb over the canine’s coat to get a handful of fur in a few seconds. And, after five minutes pet parents will be surprised at just how much fur or loose hair has been removed.  The brush also comes with a good quality protective cover in order to make it last longer.

User Experience:

The majority of buyers have recommended this product to all the Golden Retriever owners. According to them, while it is not a conventional brush, it can make an excellent grooming tool whenever Golden Retrievers shed fur excessively. Few buyers have commented that as this product can be used on cats and dogs alike, it brings the great value for the money spent.

  • Superb quality
  • Durable shedding tool
  • Strong and comfortable handle
  • Protects dog’s skin
  • Long lasting product
  • Teeth are very tiny

4. AtEase Accents Dog Brush-Best Dog Comb

Made out of natural double toned bamboo, the amazing AtEase dog brush is a worth buying grooming product. It is made from sustainable materials to let pet parents feel good about their buying decisions.

The most admirable feature is that the AtEase Accents dog brush has an eye-catching design. Its wooden handle is especially designed to fit perfectly in the user’s hand even though it does not give an anti-slip grip, & the size might be small if users have huge hands.

4.AtEase Accents Dog Brush

Moreover, a small yet useful hole on the handle can easily be used for storing the brush once not in use. It is worth sharing that this is considered as the no 1 pet grooming product for both dogs and cats. Also its the best dog brush for curly hair.

Likewise, dual sided bristle brush for Golden Retrievers is a special kind of gift for any pet parent. In short, it is a professional quality wooden dog brush, with bamboo to ensure sustainability.

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this is the nicest and sturdiest brush they have ever bought. Both bristle side and pin side are great. Some others have said that this brush does an amazing job of grooming the Golden Retrievers in just a few minutes. From these reviews, I have concluded that the AtEase brush works pretty well on Golden Retrievers.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe and durable
  • Easy to use
  • A natural option for detangling
  • Premium-quality product
  • It does not has anti-slip grip
  • Handle size is small

5. HappyDogz Grooming Brush-Best Fur Brush For Dogs

A great option just because of its solid construction and great performance, the HappyDogz grooming brush is quite famous among Golden Retriever’s owners.

Resembling the hand rake, the HappyDogz brush has a 4” wide stainless steel comb. Furthermore, the plastic handle is highly durable and can be bent easily to put the comb at the right angle as pet parents remove huge quantities of extra hair from their beloved pets.

It is vital to mention that this wonderful grooming product offers useful features right from the start till end. It has an ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip to ensure utmost comfort & when it comes to cleaning, pet parents can easily release the blade by simply pressing the button.

HappyDogz Grooming Brush

Likewise, storage is also made easier with the help of a handy hole in order to hand the brush when not in use. The HappyDogz grooming brush is also considered very pet-friendly as it is designed after keeping the dog’s enjoyment and comfort in mind. 

The product is proven to keep Golden Retriever’s coat shiny, healthy, and soft due to premium-quality stainless steel shedding blades.

User Experience:

The pet parents have commented that HappyDogz brush is simply magical. According to them, they had no idea about the effectiveness of this brush until it arrived. Many other buyers have said that this shedding brush always does a great job at getting the Golden’s undercoat out in a few minutes.

  • High quality product
  • Easily detachable blades
  • Comfortable & ergonomic handle
  • Ensure enjoyable and memorable grooming experience
  • Promote coat’s health
  • Few buyers found it a bit pricey

Buying Guide: Best Brush for Golden Retriever

It is a well-known fact that Golden Retrievers could be the really goofy canines, always thinking about something weird or adventurous, rolling badly in the mud or playing endlessly at the canine’s park.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

All this can put extreme pressure on the pet parents when it comes to maintaining a grooming routine however, sometimes a premium-quality will serve the best purpose of restoring Golden’s fur to its former glory.

In order to help buyers find some of the worth buying products for Golden Retriever’s grooming, I have put together a buying guide as well to let buyers establish a reliable and functional grooming regime.

How to Select the Best Brush for Golden Retriever?

To make the whole process of grooming easy, it is important that pet parents should consider buying the right tools. That said, it can be extremely comfortable and easy for pet parents if they know about the different types of above-mentioned dog brushes.

Due to the Golden Retriever’s double coat, it is unwise to use only one brush. All the currently available brushes have different purposes that will help in maintaining a shiny and healthy coat.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

The best brush for Golden Retriever has to be durable, strong, while being capable of easily moving through a canine’s guard coat without tailoring or pulling the undercoat to help keep the canine clean and nice as well as completely healthy. Apart from this, consider the following factors:

Flexible pins

The flexible pins of the brush will offer a lot of bendability, an important feature when it comes to protecting the Golden Retriever’s skin from itching whenever pet parents brush him. Obviously, pet parents do not want pins that are drooping linguine however, a bit of required flexibility can surely take the coat’s roughness out successfully.

Solid & Sturdy Handle

Depending upon the frequency of dogs going into the dirt or how frequently pet parents brush this dog breed out, they surely get their hands on one of the sturdiest & solid handles in order to hold the handle comfortably in their hands.


Size matters a lot when it comes to grooming the Golden Retriever, & the brush heads of large size are going to let pet parents work over a huge patch of the canine’s body while spending less time brushing him out.

How Frequently Should Pet Parents Brush the Golden Retrievers?

If pet parents truly want to keep the Golden Retriever’s coat in better condition then, it is advised to run a premium-quality brush through the coat once a day.

The above-reviewed brushes won’t damage the canine’s coat & by simply brushing his/her brushing daily, pet parents can ensure that they would never have to handle those difficult mats and tangles.

Well, though not everybody has enough energy or time to groom & brush their beloved mates daily & in this case, pet parents can do a thorough grooming after 3 days or even once a week. It is important to note, Golden Retriever’s lovers may have to do it many times a week during the season of shedding.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that grooming the Golden Retrievers is not difficult especially if pet parents start doing this from an early age in order to ensure that their beloved canines get comfortable with the process of grooming.

It is important the best brush for Golden Retriever will help reduce tangling, matting, & shedding. Furthermore, this dog breed has several issues related to coat and fur, so pet parents might need a wide range of tools for tackling all those issues in a wise way.

Now, pet parents can keep their Golden Retrievers healthy and happy by simply grooming them frequently.  Apart from this, giving them a healthy and well-balanced diet is equally important. Hopefully, the above-shared information makes finding and buying the best and right kind of brush for Golden Retriever easy & hassle-free.  

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