Best Dog Food For Shedding

Pet parents have to deal with shedding because it is an important part of owning a canine. Few pet parents might have no issue with it whereas others prefer to pick dog breeds that do not shed at all.

Well, depending upon the selected breed type, shedding can vary a lot from more or even less serious. Apart from this, I would like to share that in the majority of dog breeds, some shedding is completely normal & it can be increased during the spring season & in even canines who are nursing pups or pregnant.

But excessive shedding simply indicates that something is wrong with the dog. There are different ways of minimizing the canine’s excessive shedding & pet parents can start the treatment by focusing on the dog diet.

It is vital to mention that shedding is considered an unavoidable part of the canine’s life however, it can be reduced or managed in different ways.

Moreover, brushing the pooch’s is a recommended way of keeping the severe shedding at bay & according to vets, getting a good quality air purifier will also help.

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However, a proper and balanced diet will surely help improve the canine’s condition who is suffering from shedding.  In order to help ensure that pet parents select the best dog food for shedding while offering the canines with a delicious and healthy diet, the article is going to review the best-selling products currently available in the market.

Why shedding happens in dogs?

If your pet is shedding all over the place, you’ve probably been wondering why this is happening. His fur will be dull and misshapen, with a lot of him coming out in clumps. If you’re not careful, a visible clump of hair that looks like a golf ball can fall off every few seconds and scatter across the floor. The cause for all this shedding is parasites that are living in your dog’s skin (hair follicles). They have migrated up to the surface during certain times of year when they sense good conditions for them to proliferate (see our article about why dogs shed!).

The parasites that live in dogs’ hair follicles are a little fly called Sarcoptes Scabiei. There are other species of them, but this is the main one that lives in your dog’s hair and causes all the shedding. They’re known as itch mites, scabies mites and mange mites; however, you usually only see them referred to as scabies mites from here on out. The other name for them is scabies, which is a general term used for these types of things when they infect humans.

The vast majority of dogs (over 90%) will have at least their ears or tail infected by these things at some stage in their life.

What are Reasons of Excessive Shedding?

The biggest purpose of the canine’s hair is to help control the temperature. Canines’ use it throughout the winter season in order to keep warm; however as the summers arrive, it could be stifling.

No doubt, shedding is considered as a natural and safest solution. Canines retain fur in order to help protect themselves against UV rays however, they shed extra hair naturally. However, there are some reasons behind shedding including the following:

Some Help Ingredients are:

Whether pet parents select a hypoallergenic diet, one that is specifically good for heavy shedders & standard canine food, there are few ingredients that pet parents have to look for to reduce shedding. There are some dog supplements for shedding which you can use

  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids

There are several food items now available that are especially formulated for dog shedding. These foods contain all the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals depending upon the canine’s daily requirements.

Reviewed: Best Dog Food for Shedding

Feeding the best dog food for shedding can make a lot of difference while improving the canine’s overall health and well-being. The below-discussed product accomplishes that by simply supplying the required nutrients that canines need to live a happy and healthy life.

1, Hill’s Science Dog FoodHill’s Science⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. Nature’s Recipe Dog FoodNature’s ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Diamond Naturals Dog FoodDiamond⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. CRAVE Dog FoodCRAVE⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

While shedding cannot be eliminated but it can be reduced with the help of a proper diet & this is exactly where this article comes in. Continue reading the article to get more information concerning the best dog food for shedding.

1. Hill’s Science Dog Food- Best Dog Food For Hair Loss

While looking for the dog food to control shedding, pet parents might want to get one that takes due care of the canine’s skin and coat.

It is important to share that this delicious limited ingredient recipe for sensitive stomachs has omega-6 fatty acids to help support shinier and healthier coats.

Moreover, the vitamin E and C boost the dog’s immune system & all the ingredients are highly digestible and good for the canine’s sensitive stomachs.

Hill’s Science Dog Food

This adult dry dog food helps promote digestive health while nourishing the canine’s skin. In short, this is a No.1 vet recommended dog food with global ingredients pet parents can trust.

User Experience:

According to the pet parents, this delicious recipe is extremely nutritious & packed with necessary extra i.e. prebiotic fiber. The majority of pet parents have recommended this dog food. And most importantly, this recipe helps treat dog shedding.

  • Gentle on sensitive skin and stomach
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Ensure optima nutrient absorption
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Support digestive health
  • Few pet parents have reported that formula has changed

2. Nature’s Recipe Dog Food- Dog Food To Reduce Shedding

Another healthy recipe for canines, the Nature’ recipe is rich in nutrients thus, making each bite a perfect source of scrumptiousness & freshness for the canine.

Pet parents should consider buying this product if their precious canines prefer dry food. It is the best option when it comes to shedding & overall health.

Furthermore, the food used salmon as the 1st ingredient & topped with pumpkin, sweet potatoes & other healthy ingredients that canines will surely find highly digestible.

Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

Another noticeable thing is that, Nature’s dog food is also good for dogs with stomach issues as it is free from artificial colors, flavors, and grain that can cause allergies.

User Experience:

Pet parents have commented that Nature’s recipe dog food is an amazing product. Many buyers have said that this dog food is easy to digest, & tastes great. This dog food is highly recommended by vets to keep shedding at bay.

  • No added wheat or corn
  • Premium-quality ingredients
  • Optimal digestion
  • Perfect combination of essential nutrients
  • Give the best value for money
  • Not good for young canines

3. Diamond Naturals Dog Food- Shed Control Dog Food

It is worth mentioning that bad skin condition is considered as one of the major factors with respect to excessive shedding. Diamond Natural dog food contains top-quality protein especially made with wild caught salmon & zero grains to ensure strong and lean muscles.

The product contains premium and all-natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins, fatty acids for coat and skin along with antioxidants.

Highly digestible & with balanced ingredients in order to help reduce the amount of allergens that can affect canine’s skin. Moreover, there are added probiotics as well in this yummy dog food for booting a sensitive gut & overall immune system health.

The best thing is that, Diamond Naturals dog food is made with scientifically advanced protocols of food safety.

User Experience:

Many pet parents are feeding this food to their precious canines and according to them, the food keeps the canine’s coat shiny and healthy. Few others have said that, the whole list of ingredients is very impressive. Highly recommended for canines who shed a lot.

  • Nutrient rich
  • Well-priced
  • Omega rich and grain-free
  • Designed for all life stages
  • Promote healthy skin and coat
  • Few canines might not like the taste

4. CRAVE Dog Food- Anti Shedding Dog Food

The last product on this list is offered by CRAVE brand, a delicious grain-free dog food with chicken meal and white fish as the main ingredients. Apart from this, the recipe includes salmon meal, pork meal, fish meal, and chicken fat.

In short, it has a great amount of different meat ingredients. While the CRAVE dog food does contain chelated minerals which are highly digestible, the ingredient list does not contain any probiotics.

CRAVE Dog Food

It is vital to mention that probiotics play a major role in managing the canine’s digestive system & help ensure a strong and healthy gut. Furthermore, it has a high fat and protein level along with low carbohydrates.

User Experience:

According to the dog owners, this balanced & complete recipe is great at fueling the dog’s growing mind, body, & energy. Many other buyers have said that this dog food looks and tastes good. In short, it is one of the best high protein dog food pet parents can ever buy to control shedding.

  • Support a strong lean body
  • Top quality animal protein
  • Provides required energy
  • Very delicious
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Bit pricey
  • Probiotics are not included

Buying Guide: Best Dog Food for Shedding

Every pet parent want best for his/her furry friend. Apart from ensuring that canines get adequate exercise, rest, & enjoy practical mental stimulation, it is important to feed them with a good-quality diet.

Best Dog Food for Shedding

Moreover, if the canines are shedding it might be natural however, it can be worsened due to stress, flaky or itchy skin, food sensitivities or allergies. The best way of combating these issues lies in changing the dog’s diet. Pet parents can try allergen-free or grain-free food.

What is the Best Food for Dogs who shed a lot?

A good recipe is one that contains all the essential nutrients to help prevent shedding & these include minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, probiotics, and protein. All these nutrients have to be in high amounts to maintain the dog’s overall health.

Can Food Really Help to Reduce Shedding?

If pet parents are already feeding the canines healthily & may be even different supplements with salmon/fish oil & other eatables toppers, then dog food for shedding could help a bit, if at all.

However, if the canines are not getting required nutrients or suffering from stress or anxiety, best dog foods for shedding may be a source of great help.

What Are the Worst Dog Breeds for Shedding?

Are you thinking about adding a new member to your family? Have you been looking into different breeds to see which would be good for your family? If so, there is one breed that you should definitely stay away from: pugs. This breed is known for shedding an awful lot and is also small, meaning that it can be tough on your allergies. Other breeds such as golden retrievers and standard poodles have smaller amounts of hair they shed, but are much more likely to cause allergies than a Pug.

For those who truly love their dog’s fur (or lots of new outfits), check out the Bulldog or Chow Chow. These breeds have short, smooth coats and tend to shed only seasonally. If you are looking for a family dog, the Labrador retriever and German Shepherd are top choices. Both breeds are also excellent guard dogs so they will alert you if something is out of place in your home.

The following are the dogs which shed heavily,

  1. Rottweiler
  2. Chow chow
  3. Alaskan malamute
  4. German shepherd
  5. Shetland sheepdog
  6. Weimaraner
  7. Hungarian vizsla
  8. Old English sheepdog
  9. Irish wolfhound
  10. Janeshire terrier
  11. Border collie
  12. Airedale terrier
  13. Labrador retriever
  14. Bouvier des Flandres
  15. Newfoundland
  16. Large schnauzers
  17. Wirehaired fox terrier

How do you control dog hair in the house?

Many people are allergic to dog hair, and it can get all over the place. It’s not a serious problem though and there are many different ways that it can be dealt with. If you’re looking for a quick fix we recommend using vacuum cleaners with good suction to suck up the hair, or try clothing that is made from synthetic fibers like polyester or acrylic instead of cotton.

If you’ve got more time on your hands you could also try creating some homemade natural products to use around the house.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be concluded that for the majority of canines, shedding is considered a natural phenomenon however, some dog breed shed a lot as compared to others.

It is worth sharing that a high-quality diet always helps keep the canines in top condition. There are different dog foods available in the market & I hope that above-shared reviews have helped pet parents find the right one according to the pet’s requirements.

What is the Best Food for Dogs who shed a lot?

A good recipe is one that contains all the essential nutrients to help prevent shedding & these include minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, probiotics, and protein. All these nutrients have to be in high amounts to maintain the dog’s overall health.

Can Food Really Help to Reduce Shedding?

If pet parents are already feeding the canines healthily & may be even different supplements with salmon/fish oil & other eatables toppers, then dog food for shedding could help a bit, if at all.
However, if the canines are not getting required nutrients or suffering from stress or anxiety, best dog foods for shedding may be a source of great help.

What vitamins help with dog shedding?

Dog owners know that shedding is a normal part of owning a dog. But people still want to find ways to avoid it – and there are many more options than just buying the more expensive brands of shampoo on the market today. The best way to do this, if you’re serious about preventing your fur-baby from losing its hair, is by adding high-quality supplements into their diet- which means finding out what nutrients help with making them less likely to shed! We’ve got some answers for you!
Vitamin A: Helps keep skin and fur healthy and protected against dryness, itching, and sensitivity. Also, it’s great for healthy vision and immune system function
Vitamin B-1: Only found in meat, fish, and dairy, this vitamin is essential for proper nervous system functioning. What’s great about this nutrient is that it grows hair right where you want it to grow – on your dog! Also helps promote a shiny coat
Vitamin B-2: Contains riboflavin – which helps produce the amino acid methionine. If you have a dog with dry skin and sparse fur, this vitamin will help keep their skin well-moisturized.
B-6: This B vitamin is essential for protein metabolism. It also helps to keep skin and fur looking healthy.
B-12: Also known as cobalamin, B-12 is an essential vitamin that helps with cellular growth. If your dog’s fur and skin are suffering from dryness, it could be due to low levels of B-12 vitamins in their diet.

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