When to Put a Dog Down with Cushing’s disease

Anytime pet parents hear a veterinarian or other canine professional using the words hyperadrenocorticism or hypercortisolism, do not be scared as these are only the scientific names used for Cushing’s disease in canines. The problem occurs due to the overproduction of a hormone named as cortisol. It is vital to mention that this hormone plays an important role in the canine’s body when it comes to fighting infections, dealing with stress, & maintaining an ideal body weight. Cushing’s disease has two types:

  • Pituitary dependent
  • Adrenal dependent
When to Put a Dog Down with Cushing’s disease

Iatrogenic syndrome

There is another kind of Cushing’s disease i.e. iatrogenic syndrome however, it is not so common & occurs in canines that have taken different steroids including prednisone for a longer time. Moreover, diagnosing these 3 types of Cushing’s disease is not that easy. Pet parents may have to take the canines for several tests. In a few cases, an ultrasound is also required. Symptoms are usually vague & can appear together with other diseases.

Some common symptoms are as follows:

  • Skin issues
  • Increased urination
  • Pot belly or obesity
  • Panting
  • Recurrent infections
  • Body weakness (find best food)
  • Hair loss (find best brush here)
  • Increased appetite

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Cushing’s disease in canines is usually said to be a life-threatening ailment. As a responsible pet owner, it is advised to immediately go for the diagnosis in order to treat this fatal ailment timely while restoring the dog’s health & ensuring a long life. So, what is the best time to put down a canine with Cushing’s disease? Continue reading the article to get more information on this important topic.

A canine suffers many health problems, unbearable pain, & mental stress in Cushing’s disease. Thus, veterinarians always recommend euthanizing the canines without any problem. In few cases, pet parents cannot make any decision easily as dogs are considered the inseparable parts of the family.  But treatment is important to prevent other problems.

How to diagnose?

  • Ultrasound
  • Screening tests – urine cortisol ratios
  • Differentiation tests

It is never easy for pet parents to make the tough decision of euthanizing the canines, especially those that have been a vital part of the family for long. But as this disease advances, pet parents might notice that the dogs become extremely lethargic and weak. Apart from this, they might stop eating, with skin lesions, & drinking a lot of water. Therefore, many pet parents prefer euthanizing when the canines stop responding positively to the given medication. In order to prevent further suffering and anxiety, it is better to euthanize the affected dogs. No doubt, asking a vet when to put a dog down with Cushing’s disease is extremely hard. However, pet parents can continue asking this if they get the right treatment & are willing to put the canines under the veterinarian’s supervision right after noticing the 1st few symptoms.

Euthanizing the canines with this ailment is quite rare. Well, as the condition is untreatable, despite prolonged care and medication, the canines might later stop enjoying life to the fullest due to deteriorating symptoms. So, in this scenario, dog owners should consult a qualified vet in order to take this heartbreaking decision.

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