Why is My Dog Drinking a Lot of Water?

Question: Why is my dog ​​drinking too much water and drooling a lot, and what can I do to help?

My dog ​​is acting different, drinking a lot more water than usual, drooling a lot (he’s never drooled before) and sleeping a lot more. His nose is also runny. She is seven years old. I wonder what’s wrong and what I can do to help her.


To respond:

Dear Jessica,

I am sorry to hear that your pup is not feeling well and thank you for submitting your question. Anytime a dog starts drinking a lot of water, there is likely an underlying medical condition causing the problem. Drinking lots of water, being lethargic, having a runny nose, and excessive drooling can mean your dog has a treatable condition such as a dental infection or something more serious like kidney disease. I recommend that you take your pup to a vet as soon as possible to diagnose what’s wrong and give him the proper treatments. While you wait for your appointment, here are some possible causes for your puppy’s symptoms and what you should do about them.

4 causes why a dog drinks excessively and drools

1. Tooth infection

A dental infection could cause a dog to drink more water, drool excessively, sleep more, and have a runny nose. Tooth root abscess and infections are very common in dogs and can cause all of these symptoms. Often it’s hard to tell if a tooth is infected, so I recommend having your vet do a thorough oral exam to see if the teeth are the source of your pup’s symptoms.

2. Kidney disease

Kidney disease can also cause excessive thirst and drooling. Dogs can develop kidney disease as they age, or their kidneys may be damaged by bacterial infections or toxins. Kidney disease will cause your dog to drink more and urinate more. Also, if they are feeling nauseous due to kidney disease, it could cause your dog to drool. This disease can also cause dogs to feel quite miserable.

3. Liver disease

Liver disease can cause multiple symptoms, including decreased appetite, increased thirst, nausea (which could potentially cause drooling), and lethargy. Liver disease is more common in middle-aged and senior pets. Liver disease can be ruled out with a simple blood test by your veterinarian.

4. Cancer

Some oral cancers can cause drooling and water drinking. The most common oral cancers in dogs are melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These cancers can usually be detected when your veterinarian performs an oral exam on your dog.

What can you do to help a dog drink plenty of water and drool?

The first step to helping your pup get better is to make an appointment with the vet. There are many possible causes of excessive drinking, drooling, runny nose, and lethargy in dogs. It looks like your dog might have a dental infection or a more serious condition that should be treated immediately. I would recommend having your vet do a thorough oral exam and perform other tests including a urinalysis and basic blood panel to rule out other illnesses.

Some Final Thoughts

Excessive drinking and drooling in dogs is a sign that there is an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated by a veterinarian. Hopefully your pup just has a tooth root infection that can be treated with a simple dental procedure and not something more serious. I wish you the best of luck with your adorable pup and thank you again for submitting your question to me.


Addie Reinhard, DVM

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