Where In The Car Do Dogs Want To Ride?

New research shows that where dogs ride in the car can affect their enjoyment of the trip. Find out where your dog will be happiest before hitting the road!

Dog in a red harness riding in the back seat of a car

Research conducted by Compare the market shows that where dogs get into the car can play an important role in their happiness and relaxation.

Study methodology

The study included different dog breeds: a Jack Russell, a Poochon, a Cocker Spaniel and a Red Fox Labrador. On five different occasions, each of the dogs went for a ride to four places in the car.

By using heart rate monitoring collars to track changes in the dogs’ heart rates, the study determined which spots had wagging tails and which were best avoided.

Where are dogs most comfortable in the car?

Data showed that all four dogs felt most comfortable sitting in the back seat with a view of their owner. In this position, their heart rate decreased by 9.5% compared to their reference level. The second most comfortable place was the front seat, where their heart rate dropped by 6.8%.

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Brindle dog sleeping in the back seat of a car

In contrast, dogs’ heart rates were higher when they sat in places where they couldn’t see their owners. In the back seat, the dogs’ heart rate increased by 10.6%. And rolling in the boot caused the biggest increase – 20.4% from their baseline.

Be sure to buckle up

No matter where your dog travels in the car, keeping him safe is a top priority. Crash-tested dog harnesses help protect your pup from injury in a crash and keep them from distracting you and causing an accident!

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Brindle dog in a car strapped in with crash tested red Sleepypod harness

Dogs in the front seat

The dogs in Compare the marketThe study found that the front seat of the car was the second most comfortable place to ride. If your dog prefers the front seat, there are additional steps to keep him secure.

First, when we say “front seat”, we are talking about the passenger seat. Driving with a dog on your lap is not safe for you or your dog. Trying to hold your dog and lead at the same time means you’re not giving your full attention to either task. Additionally, your dog is also more likely to distract you if he climbs onto your lap. And it could be crushed by the steering wheel or the airbag in the event of an accident.

Scout in car |  GoPetFriendly.com

If your dog prefers to “shot gun” or if you don’t have a back seat, it’s even more important to make sure your pup is buckled up. Riding in the passenger seat makes it easier for your dog to distract you than if he were in the back seat.

Also, be sure to deactivate the passenger side airbag whenever your dog gets into the front seat.

Finally, slide the seat as far as possible to prevent it from impacting the dashboard in the event of an accident.

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