Petaluma Dog Food Review: Is It Good Value? Our Expert’s Opinion in 2022

Petaluma Dog Food Review

Petaluma is changing the pet food industry by producing 100% vegan dog food that also contains high quality ingredients. This Oakland-based company is mission-driven and works diligently to build a more environmentally friendly and sustainable model for pet food production.

Petaluma dog food is a great option for any vegan dog owner or anyone interested in making more sustainable lifestyle choices. Because Petaluma is a fairly new company, they currently only offer one dog food recipe for adult dogs. However, with the promise of this recipe, I wouldn’t be surprised if more recipes are developed in the future for other life stages.

While the pet food industry has heavily portrayed dogs as carnivorous descendants of wolves, Petaluma brings a new perspective to dog food by creating a plant-based recipe that meets the nutritional needs of adult dogs from all breeds.

If you’re still unsure about giving your dog a vegan diet, keep reading to find out if Petaluma dog food is right for you.

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The Petaluma Dog Food Recipe in 2022

Picture Product Details

The most popular

Roasted peanut butter and sweet potato flavor
Roasted peanut butter and sweet potato flavor
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

  • Produced sustainably and ethically

  • Safe for dogs with dairy and meat allergies

  • Petaluma Dog Food Review

    Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Flavor from Petaluma on the Counter

    About Petaluma Dog Products

    Petaluma aims to provide high quality vegan diets for dogs while being mindful of sustainable and ethical practices. This pet food company currently sells a baked dog food recipe and a dehydrated chew.

    Who makes Petaluma and where is it produced?

    Petaluma was founded in 2019 by Garrett Wymore and Caroline Buck. The company’s mission is to use sustainable ingredients to develop nutritious dog foods that also reduce ecological harm and promote humane practices for people and animals.

    The company is based in Oakland, California, and sources ingredients from various farms in the United States.

    What types of dogs is Petaluma best suited for?

    Petaluma dog food is best suited for adult dogs, as this company only produces adult dog food. Since puppies and adult dogs have different nutritional needs, Petaluma dog food is not yet a viable option for puppies.

    Petaluma also produces a 100% vegan recipe, making it a safe choice for dogs with meat or dairy allergies.

    a hand showing the dog the packaging for Petaluma's Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Flavor


    Discussion of the main ingredients (good and bad)

    The subject of vegetarian and vegan recipes has caused quite a stir within the animal nutrition community. However, the general consensus of experts is that vegan recipes are safe for dogs as long as they are carefully crafted and contain the appropriate amount of nutrients, especially taurine and L-carnitine.

    Petaluma’s dog food recipe is over 50% organic. It also does its best to omit cheap fillers and opts for nutrient-dense ingredients instead. Foods like chickpeas and potato protein, contain plenty of protein and essential amino acids for dogs. You can also find other nutritious ingredients that many dogs find tasty, such as organic peanut butter, organic sweet potato, and carrots.

    The only ingredient we hesitate on is the organic brown rice syrup. While brown rice can be nutritious, brown rice syrup is high in calories and low nutritional value. Luckily, this ingredient is listed pretty low on the ingredient list, and it can just be used to add more flavor and help bind foods together.

    Petaluma Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Dog Food in a Bowl

    Backed by research

    Due to the common uncertainty surrounding vegan dog food, Petaluma has been very thorough and transparent in the work it has put into developing its own dog food recipe. The company website contains very comprehensive information and research-based references that support vegan dog food. The Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Flavor recipe was also developed by veterinarians and reviewed and approved by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN).

    Extensive testing

    Petaluma has conducted extensive testing to ensure its dog food meets and exceeds quality dog ​​food standards. Petaluma provides a full nutritional analysiswhich shows that its formula exceeds the minimum nutritional requirements for dog food set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

    The food has also been tested to be highly digestible and palatable to dogs to increase the likelihood that most dogs will enjoy eating this food.

    a fluffy white dog sitting next to a bowl with Petaluma's roasted peanut butter and sweet potato flavored dog food


    Petaluma is one and goes to great lengths to ensure that it distributes a sustainable product. For starters, a plant-based diet is a more sustainable option than dog food containing meat protein. Many ingredients are also sourced from organic and biodiverse farms, and the dog food is cooked in a solar-powered facility.

    Petaluma’s packaging is also sustainable and minimizes waste and plastic usage. The treat bag is also fully compostable.

    Lack of variety

    Currently, Petaluma has launched a dog food recipe and a dehydrated dog treat. However, since this company is relatively new, it is understandable that the number of products is currently more limited compared to other more established pet food companies.


    Petaluma Dog Food Review

    Petaluma Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Flavor

    Petaluma Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Flavor Dog food consists of baked bites that are packed with nutrients and flavor. Each ingredient has been intentionally selected for its high nutritional value, so you won’t find filler ingredients that make up the majority of the recipe.

    The low and slow cooking process retains essential nutrients while producing great flavor for dogs. While many types of commercial dog kibble grind the ingredients into a fine powder, Petaluma’s dog food mixes and rolls the ingredients together into a paste that provides a more chewable texture for dogs.

    Since Petaluma products contain no dairy or meat protein, this dog food is a safe option for dogs with more common food allergies. The recipe has also been tested to be highly digestible, so most dogs should be able to eat and digest it easily.

    Currently, Petaluma distributes only one type of dog food that is only suitable for adult dogs. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more variety as the company grows and is able to develop more recipes over time. Petaluma is very thorough and dedicated to creating sustainable products made using ethical practices, so I’m optimistic that any new recipe will be just as thoughtful as the Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato recipe.

    • Nutrient-rich ingredients
    • Produced sustainably and ethically
    • Very digestible
    • Suitable for all dog breeds
    • Safe for dogs with dairy and meat allergies
    • Not for puppies
    • Lack of variety


    Ingredient analysis

    Crude protein: 28% min.
    Eprudish fat: 13% min.
    Crude fibre: 6% max.
    Carbohydrates: 39%
    Humidity: 9% max.
    Vitamin E : 281 IU/kg

    Breakdown of calories per cup:

    ½ cup: 197.5 calories
    1 cup: 395 calories
    2 cups: 790 calories

    a fluffy white dog eating Petaluma Roasted Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Flavor dog food from a bowl

    Our experience with Petaluma

    I received a sample Roasted Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato dog food from Petaluma and my adult Cavapoo served as my taste tester. The first thing I noticed about the size of the kibble is that it runs a bit on the wider side which was fine for my dog, but it can be hard for smaller dogs to chew and toy breeds. However, the Petaluma kibbles were quite soft and crumbly compared to other commercial dog kibbles.

    My dog ​​loves peanut butter, and with organic peanut butter as the key ingredient in the recipe, she enjoyed snacking on this new type of food. She also has a sensitive stomach and finds it hard to get used to new foods. However, by slowly adding the new kibble to his usual dog food, we managed to save him from digestive problems or stomach upset.

    Overall, I was impressed with Petaluma’s recipe. It was a tasty and healthy addition to my dog’s diet. It was also reassuring to know that I had chosen a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Petaluma has delivered a high-quality recipe that also helps make eco-friendly choices easy and convenient.



    Petaluma dog food is a refreshingly transparent pet food company that strives to produce sustainable pet food options for dogs. It doesn’t just produce fancy dog ​​food with a vegan label. You can be sure that this recipe is nutritious and healthy for dogs to eat as their main meal. So if you’re looking for dog food that supports vegan choices and is environmentally conscious, Petaluma is a safe and reliable option to explore.

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