how much chocolate can kill a dog

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog

It is a well-known fact everyone loves chocolate and the same goes to dogs. But, all the pet parents might have heard that chocolate is quite toxic to canines & depending upon the amount and type of chocolate consumed along with the dog’s weight, it can cause a severe medical emergency. Moreover, if pet parents …

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Best Dog Food for Chihuahua

Best Dog Food for Chihuahua

No other canine breed has a personality and temperament that is hard to describe and understand as Chihuahua. It is worth sharing that Chihuahua comes under the category of the world’s smallest dog breed but he packs a great personality. And, no doubt all that personality requires energy and sustenance therefore, it is important to …

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Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Regularly brushing the canine’s fur is definitely an important task that every pet parent should consider & without any doubt, this factor matters a lot if the pet parent owns a Golden Retriever. The coat of Golden Retriever needs ongoing grooming due to certain reasons. It is a well-known fact that few dog breeds have …

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Dog Proof Trash Can

Dog Proof Trash Cans

Pets always give a never-ending feeling of companionship and joy by being your loyal friend in any kind of situation. When it comes to dogs, then I would like to say that dogs are very curious naturally. It simply does not even matter how young or old the canine is, they always try to explore …

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Best dog umbrella

Best Dog Umbrella

For some pet parents having a dog umbrella might be an object of rare use & this simply indicates that they have not purchased one yet. Before moving ahead, I would like to share that pooches always love & enjoy going on a long walk, regardless of the weather or season. Due to this reason, …

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