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One of the things we are most famous for are the FREE audio/video files that facilitate the canine relaxation protocol. It may seem like a simple way to teach dogs to stay, but RP is much more complicated than that. It is intended to teach dogs prone to fear, stress or over-excitement to rely on you and relax no matter what strange stimuli occur (noises, movements, etc.). Hard to believe I’ve never done a canine relaxation protocol demonstration video before, but here goes. Below is a video of what it looks like when I do it with a normally behaving dog. In this case, first Clover, then a short clip with Mr. Stix.


demonstration photo of canine relaxation protocol - b/w border collie on an orange floor mat, looking at a person standing next to her

I kind of made the video on the fly for a friend who needed to see it recently. I didn’t realize I had cut my head off with the video angle until too late, and I was NOT about to do it all over again. So this is it. A video with my head not showing every now and then. That’s how it goes. Thought it might be useful to others, so I’m sharing it here too.

It’s also kind of funny how closely Clover tracks my every move. Although she remained in place throughout the demonstration of the canine relaxation protocol, I admit that she did not seem SUPER relaxed. She’s watching everything, but she doesn’t overtly react to any of it, and her body position is quite soft, which is pretty much the point.

Other key points?

  • I use expired cheerios as rewards.
  • Both dogs already know how to “go to position” on a mat, so that helps.
  • I didn’t really give myself enough room to go left or right as day 1 of the canine relaxation protocol requires, but I adjusted as needed.

Canine Relaxation Protocol Demo Additional Notes

In the past 6-8 months, I learned that some smartphones no longer play throughout the daily audio recording of RP tasks, which is very annoying. To correct this problem, I made YouTube videos of each day’s recording. Really just a photo with audio playback. I think that solved the problem.

You can find all the videos at the bottom of this page on our site.

Or, at the request of a video user recently, I put the 15 days of the RP in a YouTube Playlist for easy access and use.

More video demos of the relaxation protocol for dogs?

If there’s anything else you’d like to see us demonstrate, let me know. For example, I should probably demonstrate the strict way to seriously change the behavior.

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