Are Australian Shepherds Good With Cats? The Surprising Answer!

Most Australian Shepherds have wonderful, outgoing personalities. Some are a little shy around strangers, but they enjoy spending time with family members. They usually have get along well with young children and other dogs who live in their homes. They are generally not aggressive when encountering dogs in public places either. If Australian Shepherds can get along with other dogs, can they also get along with cats? Let’s discuss the matter here.

Yes, Australian Shepherds Can Get Along With Cats

Since Australian Shepherds are friendly and easy-going, they can get along well with cats. However, a dog should never be expected to automatically accept the company of a cat. The most cat-friendly Australian Shepherds are those that are well socialized as puppies. Your Australian Shepherd should be introduced to cats when he is little so you can teach him how to behave.

Once your dog meets new cats or gets used to living with a cat, he should have no problem hanging out with a cat day and night. In fact, you might even find that your Australian Shepherd likes to cuddle with your kitty! Some Australian Shepherds will be naturally good with cats even if they didn’t meet one as a puppy. Others who aren’t exposed to cats early may never be around one without trying to chase or catch them.

How to Introduce Your Australian Shepherd to a Cat

It’s a good idea to start introducing your Australian Shepherd to cats while they’re still a puppy. This allows you to guide their behavior and ensure that the puppy can’t physically hurt the cat if the introduction doesn’t go well. Take note of the body language of both animals. If your cat doesn’t want to be near the dog, let him go and try again at another time.

The same goes for your dog. If no aggression is showing on either side, encourage them to sniff each other. Then let them do their thing and see how it goes. Make sure your cat is not hitting your dog or trying to pinch your cat. Fix any behavior you don’t want them to display. Over time, you should be able to allow them to spend time together without having to watch their every move.

If you are introducing an older Australian Shepherd to a cat, make sure the dog is on a leash and the cat has a place to retreat to if necessary. You may need to use the leash to restrain your pooch for several days while he gets used to the cat’s presence. It’s important to understand that your Australian Shepherd may never get used to spending time with a cat calmly and lovingly. If this becomes the reality, you’ll need to find a way to separate your pets, at least when you’re away from home.

In conclusion

Most Australian Shepherds tend to get along with cats, at least enough to be in the same room together. Things like socialization may be necessary, but the process will be worth it. The younger an Australian Shepherd is introduced to a cat, the easier it will be for them to get along with cats throughout their lives.

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